Posted On: Mar 20, 2017

Today, we are introducing RI Coverage Reports in AWS Cost Explorer to help you identify instance hours that are not covered by RIs, highlighting opportunities for savings.

RI Coverage Reports allow you to visualize the percentage of running instance hours that are covered by RIs against a coverage threshold and timeline that you define. You can view RI coverage at a high level (e.g., across all running hours) or dive into a detailed view by filtering on account, instance type, region, tags, and more.

You can then use information gleaned from these reports to optimize your RI purchases for cost efficiency (e.g., by identifying instance hours that are consistently running at on-demand rates and purchase matching RIs). In addition, you can use the recently-launched RI Utilization reports to identify underutilized RIs, and modify them to instance types that are not covered to further enhance your savings.

RI Coverage reports are now available in Cost Explorer. Learn more about the new reports here.