Posted On: Apr 19, 2017

Today, AWS is announcing a new feature that enables customers to copy AWS Marketplace products directly into AWS Service Catalog. This simplifies the process by which customers can organize and control access to software they have procured or fulfilled through AWS Marketplace.

AWS Service Catalog is the recommended tool for managing your organization’s approved software and infrastructure products on AWS. With this new feature, IT administrators and software buyers can procure a product from AWS Marketplace and copy it directly into Service Catalog from the AWS Marketplace website. When subscribing to an AWS Marketplace product, a new “Service Catalog” fulfillment option is now shown on the AWS Marketplace launch page alongside “1-Click” and “Manual Launch”. This new tab enables a copy of the product to be created in Service Catalog, where it can be managed along with your existing software.

For each new AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI), Service Catalog automatically generates an AWS CloudFormation template, saving customers potentially hours of work in creating CloudFormation templates for more complex architectures and configurations. AWS Marketplace products with support for clusters and AWS resources already have existing CloudFormation templates, which also can be copied to Service Catalog.

This integration enables customers to create portfolios of pre-approved products for end-user self-service or automated API deployment within their organization, while taking advantage of existing AWS Service Catalog features such as tagging, access control, and role delegation. Click here to learn more.