Posted On: Nov 1, 2017

AWS Direct Connect provides private, high bandwidth connectivity between customer networks and AWS Cloud. The traffic sent over AWS Direct Connect connection stays within the AWS private network instead of traversing the public internet.

Today, we are pleased to announce multiple new features for AWS Direct Connect.  

Global Access for Virtual Private Cloud: To enable global access to customers’ Amazon VPCs, AWS Direct Connect is announcing Direct Connect Gateway, a new feature to allow customers using any AWS Direct Connect Location to use their Direct Connect connections to access any Virtual Private Cloud deployed in any AWS Regions (except AWS China Region). In addition, each Direct Connect Gateway will enable association with one or more Amazon VPCs. Using Direct Connect Gateway, you do not need to have connections in multiple AWS Regions to access your Amazon VPCs in those AWS Regions, and use one (or more) private virtual interface to communicate with multiple Amazon VPCs across any AWS Regions (except AWS China Region).

Global Access for AWS Public Services: To provide global access to Amazon’s publicly routable services, AWS Direct Connect is expanding public inter-region access service at global scale. AWS Direct Connect customers in any AWS Direct Connect location can create public virtual interface to receive Amazon’s global IP routes, and access Amazon’s publicly routable services in any AWS Regions (except AWS China Region). With Global Public Access, you can now access all of Amazon’s public services using newly created AWS Direct Connect public virtual interfaces amplifying the value of your AWS Direct Connect connection.

New Data Transfer Out pricing structure: Effective immediately, customers will be able to determine the Data Transfer Out pricing based on the location of the workload (AWS Region) and the location of the Direct Connect location. With updated data transfer out pricing structure, you can select any AWS Direct Connect location out of our constantly growing locations across the world that best meets your needs. Please visit AWS Direct Connect Pricing.

All new features are generally available in all public AWS Regions (Except AWS China Region), including AWS GovCloud (US). To learn more about these new features, read the AWS Direct Connect Getting Started Guide.