Posted On: Nov 21, 2017

Starting today, AWS Mobile adds first class support for Web and React Native, allowing JavaScript (JS) developers to easily develop cloud enabled apps. Previously, web and react native developers needed to manually configure services in the AWS console, download base SDKs, and read documentation just to start interacting with the platform. With today’s launch, JS developers can very easily configure core app features like user sign-in, storage and serverless APIs using the redesigned console and the new AWS Mobile CLI.

With the redesigned console, a project now allows users to define four different app platforms for their backend. This means developers can configure backend features like User Sign-in once, and integrate it with an iOS, Android, Web, and React Native app, all through the console. Developers want to spend more time building quality apps, and less time wiring up their backends. To make this easier, we have introduced step-by-step wizards in our console, that walk the user through successfully integrating their app with an AWS backend. Additionally, we have also added higher order components (HOCs) in the Amplify library that lets users get started by writing 2-3 lines of code. For example, web app developers can add user sign-in UI to their app with 2 lines of code.

For developers looking at starting new projects from scratch, starter kits provide fully functional apps that are already cloud enabled. With one click, you can create a starter project which will automatically configure backend resources for you and provide sample client code to have you up and running with a cloud app without writing a single line of code.

We are also allowing developers to run performance tests on real devices for web apps hosted on Mobile Hub. Often, web-app developers only get the opportunity to run their apps on mobile emulators before releasing to the app stores. Now, with a single CLI command, developers can publish this web app to our fleet of iOS and Android devices in the AWS Device Farm for free. The web-app is run on a number of devices such as the iPhone 8 and Pixel 2 to gain real insights on app performance, with metrics such as time to first meaningful paint and time to first byte. Additionally, we provide screenshots of what the app looks like on different screen sizes and OS versions so developers can identify layout issues pre-release.

To learn more about the enhancements, please log in to the redesigned console.

AWS Mobile Hub enables you to select the region in which your project's resources will be created. For more information about AWS regions, see Regions and Endpoints.