Posted On: Mar 8, 2018

Thinkbox Deadline now supports Cinema4D for Linux and OSX, in addition to Windows OS. This new feature makes it possible to spin up Linux instances with Cinema4D, helping to make your rendering workloads more cost-effective. You can submit jobs from the Deadline monitor or from within Cinema 4D by installing the integrated submission script, or you can submit jobs from the Monitor. To submit from within Cinema 4D, select “Python -> Plugins -> Submit To Deadline”. For Cinema 4D versions R15 and earlier, select “Plugins -> Submit To Deadline.”. To use Cinema4D for Linux with Deadline, please download Deadline or later.


In addition to Cinema 4D for Linux support, the latest version of Thinkbox Deadline includes updated preset Amazon EC2 instance types for AWS Portal with newer generations of Amazon EC2 instance type families. AWS Portal now has a check to see if the operating system for the AMI being started is supported by the selected instance types. We have also added Public IP overrides to both the Asset Server and the Portal Link, which allows you to override the default IP that is set by AWS Portal.

For details, please refer to our documentation.