Posted On: Aug 14, 2018

Today, AWS AppSync launched a new quick-start that walks you through connecting AppSync to your Amazon Aurora database to create a new blog application. AWS AppSync is a serverless backend service for web and mobile applications that supports real-time data synchronization and offline capabilities. AppSync supports multiple data storage options, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon ElasticSearch Service, AWS Lambda, and HTTP data sources.

The new quick-start uses AWS CloudFormation to create an Amazon Aurora MySQL database in a newly created VPC in your AWS account. The quick-start also provisions the AppSync API (including the schema, data source, and all resolvers) used as the application backend, the Cognito user pool used for authorization, and the resolver Lambda function that connects the database to AppSync. You can easily customize the CloudFormation template to connect to your existing Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) databases, as well as customize the Lambda functions and GraphQL schema to reflect your application logic.

You can get started by using the AppSync AWS management console, or by accessing the github repository here. To learn more about customizing the quick-start for your existing RDS database, visit here.