Posted On: Sep 21, 2018

Today, we’re launching a new guided API builder for AWS AppSync. Before today, knowing GraphQL was a pre-requisite for building an AWS AppSync API. This is because, AWS AppSync is powered by GraphQL, a powerful API query language that allows your backend and applications to perform complex data fetching in a single round trip for efficient network operations. The “no-code” GraphQL API builder, we release in July 2018, was a step in relaxing this requirement. With today’s launch, we are making it even easier to create a powerful, serverless API for your mobile and web apps without any prior knowledge of GraphQL.

The guided API builder allows you to define a data model (that corresponds to your application’s business logic) using a simple web form, and automatically creates the GraphQL schema, Amazon DynamoDB data table, and resolvers required for your app backend. You can also start by pointing AWS AppSync at your existing DynamoDB table to configure a data model corresponding to your existing data.

You can get started by using the AppSync AWS management console. You can read more about AWS AppSync by visiting the home page, and view a tutorial for the guided API builder here.