Posted On: Nov 20, 2018

The new redesigned Amazon EC2 Spot Console simplifies the Spot capacity deployment experience, and also provides fleet recommendations based on your application requirements. Now you can quickly launch Spot Instances by following the Spot best practices of diversification, and flexibility across instance types and Availability Zones, in three simple steps.

First, you can select the best option that fits your application requirements from a list of pre-configured compute choices. The EC2 Spot console offers compute choices such as Flexible, Load Balancing, Big Data, and Defined Duration Workloads. Next, you can specify your minimum hardware requirements for your application as vCPUs and memory, or as instance types. Finally, you can specify the target compute capacity in vCPUs or instances. The EC2 Spot console will provide the fleet request recommendations based on your input. You can also review the request summary that shows the estimated cost of launching the target capacity per hour and the estimated savings over On-demand prices. You can also edit the fleet request recommendations and customize it based on your requirements.

To get started with the new EC2 Spot console, click “Request Spot Instances” in the EC2 Spot Console. The simplified EC2 Spot Console is now available in all public AWS regions. You can learn more about this feature by reading the documentation page.