Posted On: Mar 21, 2019

Customers in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region can now access Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) from their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). VPC endpoints let you avoid public IP addresses and allow your traffic to avoid crossing the public internet. VPC endpoints for Amazon SNS are powered by AWS PrivateLink, a highly available, scalable technology that allows you to connect your VPC to supported AWS services.

Amazon VPC endpoints are easy to configure and provide reliable connectivity to Amazon SNS without requiring an internet gateway, Network Address Translation (NAT) instance, VPN connection, or AWS Direct Connect connection. With VPC endpoints, the data between your Amazon VPC and Amazon SNS is transferred within the Amazon network, and thus protected from the public internet.

Amazon SNS is a simple, reliable, scalable, and fully managed pub/sub messaging service. With Amazon SNS, you can use topics to simultaneously distribute messages to multiple subscribing endpoints such as Amazon SQS queues, AWS Lambda functions, and HTTP endpoints. 

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