Posted On: Oct 30, 2019

Amazon Web Services announces the general availability of the AWS for WordPress plugin. Previously known as the Amazon Polly and Amazon AI plugin, the new AWS for WordPress plugin now provides a workflow to configure an Amazon CloudFront distribution that is highly optimized for WordPress websites.

Amazon CloudFront, AWS’s content delivery network, accelerates the performance of your website by using a global network of 200 edge locations to cache and deliver content closer to your viewers. The plugin’s new CloudFront workflow creates a distribution with multiple cache behaviors, each one tailored to serving varying types of content for the best viewer and administrator experience.

The AWS for WordPress plugin is free to download from the WordPress Plugin Directory; standard charges apply for using AWS services. Existing users of the plugin who want to use the new CloudFront workflow will need to update the IAM policy for their plugin’s IAM user. Refer to the CloudFront Developer Guide for more information about creating an updated IAM policy using the new managed IAM policy named AWSforWordPressPluginPolicy.

Read our blog post for a detailed guide to self-hosting WordPress with AWS and using the new CloudFront workflow within the plugin. Also read our newly updated whitepaper, “WordPress: Best Practices on AWS”, for more information about creating highly-scalable WordPress websites on AWS.