Posted On: Nov 19, 2019

Application Load Balancers now support Weighted Target Groups routing. With this launch you will be able to do weighted routing of the traffic forwarded by a rule to multiple target groups. This enables various use cases like blue-green, canary and hybrid deployments without the need for multiple load balancers. It even enables zero-downtime migration between on-premises and cloud or between different compute types like EC2 and Lambda.  

With this release, you can register multiple target groups with the forward action of a rule and associate weights on them. The weights can be set in integer range from 0-999 and can be changed up or down as often as desired. All the target group types - instance, IP and Lambda are supported. Additionally, you can set target group stickiness to ensure clients get served from a specific target group for a configurable duration of time to ensure consistent experience. You can continue using AWS Global Accelerator for blue-green deployments that involve Application Load Balancers across regions.

The support for Weighted Target Groups routing is available for existing and new Application Load Balancers at no extra charge in all commercial AWS Regions. To learn more, please refer to the demo, the blog post, and the Application Load Balancer documentation