Posted On: Dec 4, 2019

Starting today, all registered sellers with a public listing in AWS Marketplace can extend a custom contract through Seller Private Offers. Additionally, starting in Q1 2020, sellers will have a simplified fee structure and reduced listing fees when an offer is extended through Seller Private Offers.

Seller Private Offers is a feature in AWS Marketplace that enables you to negotiate pricing, end-user license terms, and payment schedules before you subscribe to a third-party software in AWS Marketplace. Many enterprises prefer to purchase through Seller Private Offers since it allows preferential pricing and terms, while using AWS Marketplace to provision, meter, and integrate software charges into your AWS bill. Now, with the expansion of Seller Private Offers you can receive a privately negotiated price from any seller with a public listing in AWS Marketplace. The simplified fee structure also provides greater incentives for sellers in AWS Marketplace to extend an offer with custom price and terms through Seller Private Offers. 

To learn more about Seller Private Offers, visit the buyer guide here, or to see all software listings in AWS Marketplace click here

As a registered seller in AWS Marketplace you can start using Seller Private Offers today. Learn more by visiting the AWS Marketplace Software Procurement page here and the seller guide here. To learn more about the reduced listing fees, reach out to your AWS Marketplace representative.