Posted On: Dec 3, 2019

We are announcing DJL, an open source library to develop Deep Learning models in Java. DJL offers user-friendly APIs to train, test, and deploy Deep Learning models. If you are a Java user interested in Deep Learning, DJL is a great way to start your journey. If you’re a Java developer working with Deep learning models, DJL will simplify the way you train and run predictions.

Though Java is the most popular language in enterprise, there are very few resources to work with Deep Learning. Python continues to be the language of choice. As a result, Java developers spend significant time interpreting and rewriting code to develop Deep learning applications. Deploying Python models in enterprise systems also introduces new software dependencies, increasing IT complexity and cost.

DJL’s simple and intuitive APIs abstract away the complexity involved with Deep Learning, reducing development time from months to weeks. The solution also reduces number of software dependencies by enabling end-end Deep learning development in Java. With our bundled pre-trained models, users can immediately start integrating Deep Learning into their Java applications.  

To learn more and get started, please visit our website for documentation and examples.

*Apache-2.0 license