Posted On: Apr 29, 2020

AWS WAF now provides a simple way to migrate your WAF rules from AWS WAF Classic. The migration wizard will parse through your web ACL and generate a CloudFormation template into your S3 bucket. By deploying that CloudFormation template you can create an equivalent web ACL for the new AWS WAF.

The migration wizard allows you to convert your existing web ACL from AWS WAF Classic to the new AWS WAF, saving you time and effort from manually converting your WAF rules. The migration wizard is available in all AWS Regions where AWS WAF is available today. There is no additional cost to use the migration wizard (minus S3 fee for storing the CloudFormation template.)

To get started with migrating your AWS WAF Classic web ACLs, navigate to the AWS WAF Classic console to start the migration process. Once you are in the console wizard, specify the web ACL you wish to migrate and the S3 bucket where the template should be stored. You can then go to the AWS CloudFormation console to create a stack from that template, which will then recreate the web ACL in new the AWS WAF. To learn more, please see the AWS WAF developer guide on migration.