Posted On: Jul 6, 2020

Today we are announcing the availability of more granular CloudWatch metrics for improved network monitoring on the AWS Transit Gateway.

Transit Gateway enables you to connect thousands of Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks using a single gateway. Transit Gateway now collects and publishes the following metrics for all of it’s attachments: BytesIn, BytesOut, PacketsIn, PacketsOut, PacketsDropCountBlackHole and PacketsDropCountNoRoute. These metrics are supported for all the Transit Gateway attachment types, including VPC, Site2Site VPN, DirectConnect, and Peering attachments.

These metrics provide insights into the amount of data flowing in and out over a Transit Gateway attachment. With these metrics, you can gain focused insights into network health and activity of individual Transit Gateway connections. For more information about CloudWatch metrics for Transit Gateway, see Transit Gateway CloudWatch Metrics.