Posted On: Aug 3, 2020

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) administrators can now view and manage their EKS quotas through AWS Service Quotas.  

AWS Service Quotas helps you to view and manage service quota information centrally for your AWS services. Now you can use the AWS Service Quotas console, AWS Command Line Interface, and AWS SDK to view and update your Amazon EKS quotas, such as the number of clusters and number of managed node groups per account. When you make updates to your EKS quotas with AWS Service Quotas, you quickly see the changes to your EKS quotas in your AWS account. AWS Service Quotas is available at no additional charge.  

You can view and manage your Amazon EKS limits through AWS Service Quotas in all commercial AWS regions where EKS is available. To learn more about using AWS Service Quotas to manage your EKS quotas, visit the EKS documentation.