Posted On: Sep 17, 2020

AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C (C-SDK) version 202009.00 is now available with refactored MQTT, JSON, and AWS IoT Device Shadow libraries optimized for memory usage and modularity, and it includes dependent libraries added via GitHub submoduling. The refactored libraries have gone through code quality checks including for GNU Complexity, MISRA coding standard, Coverity static analysis, and C Bounded Model Checker (CBMC) automated reasoning tool to ensure memory safety and functional correctness proof. This release also includes updates to C-SDK versioning. For more details on the updated versioning and 202009.00 release, see README and Changelog.

C-SDK is a collection of C source files under the MIT open source license that can be used in embedded applications to securely connect IoT devices to AWS IoT Core. It is distributed in source form and intended to be built into customer firmware along with application code, other libraries, and an underlying OS suitable for constrained embedded devices.

You can get started by downloading source code from GitHub, and can find more information in the Developer Guide.

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