Posted On: Oct 16, 2020

AWS Outposts support for AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) lets customers share access to Outposts resources – EC2 instances, EBS volumes, subnets, and local gateways (LGWs) – across multiple accounts within an organization. With this new capability, you can enable distributed teams and business units within your organization to configure VPCs, launch and run EC2 instances, and create EBS volumes.

With RAM support on AWS Outposts you can streamline management by utilizing groups of accounts to control access, consolidate billing, and isolate workloads. You can reduce complexity by letting individual teams build and launch applications to Outposts, without complicated permissions management or manual processes. Additionally you can be up and running in days rather than weeks, by applying the same sharing policies to Outposts resources as your permissions in the cloud.

For more information about Resource Access Manager on Outposts, visit the AWS Outposts documentation. To get started, visit the AWS Management Console.