Posted On: Mar 30, 2021

On March 30 2021, Amazon Pinpoint announced the launch of new Journey controls to allow customers to customize their user experience, and when messages are sent. Journeys are multi-step campaigns that can be executed across SMS, email, and push messages. Journeys are intended for customers with user engagement use cases, and who need to be precise on when messages are delivered to their users.
New Journey controls will add three new functionalities. Firstly, allow customers to set a minimum time between a user passing through a Journey, for example set a 7 day period to space out when messages are sent to users. Second, to trigger a new Journey execution when a segment is updated, this means if a new list of customers is added to a Journey the new users will immediately be messaged, and those removed not processed. Finally, should a message send be attempted during user quiet time the message will be delayed until quiet time ends.
For more information on Journeys and the newly added controls, please see the documentation here. You can then take a tour of journeys with this guide.