Posted On: Apr 29, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated AWS Instance Scheduler, a reference implementation that makes it easier for customers to control their AWS compute resource capacity and cost by configuring start and stop schedules for their Amazon EC2 and RDS instances.

AWS Instance Scheduler v1.4 adds support for multiple stack deployments across accounts and regions and GovCloud US Regions. You can get started with Instance Scheduler in minutes by downloading the AWS CloudFormation template from the AWS Solutions Library. The template sets up an Amazon CloudWatch event at a customer-defined interval. This event invokes the AWS Instance Scheduler AWS Lambda function. During configuration, you will be asked to define the AWS Regions and accounts, as well as a custom tag that AWS Instance Scheduler will use to associate schedules with applicable Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS instances. When you create a schedule, the name you specify is used as the tag value that identifies the schedule you want to apply to the tagged resource. These values are stored in Amazon DynamoDB, and the Lambda function retrieves them each time it runs.

To get started with the solution, visit the AWS Solutions Library or GitHub.