Posted On: Apr 27, 2021

AWS Nitro Enclaves now supports the creation of isolated compute environments, called enclaves, from parent EC2 instances running Windows operating system. Nitro Enclaves further isolates the CPU and memory of the enclave from users, applications, and libraries on the parent EC2 instance.

Prior to today, you could only create Nitro enclaves from parent instances running Linux-based operating systems. With this release, you can now use Nitro Enclaves with Windows, enabling you to utilize Nitro enclaves with Windows-based applications. This release includes the necessary drivers for Windows, tools like the Nitro Command Line Interface, and a sample application updated for Windows.

There is no additional cost other than the cost for the using Amazon EC2 instances and any other AWS services that are used with Nitro Enclaves.

To learn more about AWS Nitro Enclaves, visit the AWS Nitro Enclaves page.