Posted On: Apr 14, 2021

AWS Training and Certification has launched Getting Started with Data Analytics on AWS, a new self-paced digital course available on Coursera and edX. In this one-week course, you’ll learn how to go from raw data to meaningful insights using AWS services such as AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight. This course is intended for business analysts, business intelligence analysts, data scientists, and SysOps administrators who are new to AWS data and analytics services.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of data analytics from AWS experts. Start off with an overview of different types of data analysis techniques before diving deeper into descriptive analysis. Then, apply your knowledge with a guided project that makes use of a simple but powerful dataset available by default in every AWS account—the logs from AWS CloudTrail.

AWS Training and Certification builds your competence, confidence, and credibility with practical cloud skills that help you innovate and advance your professional future. You can audit this course for free on Coursera and edX. If you pay a one-time fee, you can gain a completion certificate and access course content and graded materials.