Posted On: Jul 30, 2021

Amazon WorkSpaces introduces USB redirection support for YubiKey Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) on PCoIP Windows WorkSpaces with WorkSpaces Windows client app. The feature is intended for customers who need to perform YubiKey U2F authentication to access web-based services from their WorkSpaces.

With the real-time challenge-response mechanism, the U2F protocol provides stronger security while still being easy to use. Leveraging the USB redirection support for YubiKey U2F, a WorkSpaces end user can plug in their USB YubiKey to the local Windows device, and redirect the YubiKey to the remote WorkSpace. The YubiKey will function as if it is attached to the PCoIP Windows WorkSpace during the WorkSpaces session, enabling a seamless experience for U2F authentication. As an IT administrator, you have control over what YubiKey products or modes can be used with your WorkSpaces. Using Group Policies, you can enable/disable USB YubiKey redirection for your users, and further restrict redirection to work only with specified Yubikey products.

The latest USB redirection support for YubiKey U2F on PCoIP Windows WorkSpaces is available on the latest Amazon WorkSpaces Windows client app with PCoIP WorkSpaces. To learn more, visit our documentation on WorkSpaces USB Support.