Posted On: Jul 28, 2021

Master AWS skills with four new AWS Modern Application Development Specializations on Coursera using interactive learning to earn a certificate of completion. Choose an AWS Specialization based on your preferred programming language—Python, Java, .NET, and Node.js—to develop new skills in four months with three hours a week. Learners should have intermediate knowledge of their preferred coding language, though no prior knowledge of AWS is required.  

Modern application development enables developers and DevOps engineers to deliver faster to market, increase innovation velocity, improve reliability, and reduce costs. Each AWS Specialization helps you learn foundational skills and knowledge about building on AWS, how to build API driven applications with AWS services, and how to use Amazon DynamoDB to support your modern application. Throughout the AWS Specialization, you’ll learn hands-on with a series of labs that have you build a website hosted on AWS using all serverless services using the AWS SDK and AWS CLI.  

These new AWS Specializations are available globally. To enroll in an AWS Modern Application Development Specialization on Coursera and earn a certificate of completion, learners may subscribe for 49 USD per month. Learn more.