Posted On: Aug 3, 2021

Amplify Geo enables developers to quickly add location-aware features to their frontend web and mobile applications. Extending existing Amplify capabilities, Amplify Geo includes a set of abstracted client libraries built on top of Amazon Location Service, pre-integrated map UI components (based on the popular MapLibre open-source library) and it updates the Amplify Command Line Interface (CLI) tool with support for provisioning all required cloud location services.

Today’s Developer Preview release for Amplify Geo includes APIs and map UI components for maps and location search for JavaScript-based web apps. With this release, developers can add a map with location markers and location search to their web project in minutes. Developers can provision map resources through the Amplify CLI. Amplify Geo also provides customization capabilities so developers can tweak embedded maps to better match their apps’ theme, or developers can choose from many community-developed MapLibre plugins for more flexibility and advanced visualization options.

Get started with Amplify Geo for JavaScript today.