Posted On: Oct 15, 2021

Amazon EC2 now adds 8 new Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with SQL Server 2019 and 2017 on Windows Server 2022. With these AWS managed AMIs, customers can launch SQL Server on Windows Server 2022 and take full advantage of the latest Windows features on AWS. The AMIs are available in four editions – Enterprise, Standard, Web, and Express. See the list below.

* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Enterprise
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Standard
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Web
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Express
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Enterprise
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Standard
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Web
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Express

Amazon EC2 is the proven, reliable, secure cloud for your SQL Server workloads. By running SQL Server on Windows Server 2022 on EC2, you can experience the improved security, performance and reliability of Windows Server 2022. In addition, all SQL Server AMIs come with pre-installed software such as AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell, AWS Systems Manager, AWS CloudFormation, and various network and storage drivers to make your management easier. 

You can launch your SQL Server workloads on a broad range of instance types that best meet your needs by selecting the new SQL Server AMIs either directly from your AWS Management Console, or through API or CLI commands. These AMIs are available across all Public, AWS GovCloud (US) and China regions of AWS. For more information, visit the Microsoft SQL Server on AWS page.