Posted On: Oct 4, 2021

AWS License Manager announces Delegated Administrator support for Managed entitlements. This feature allows license administrators to manage and distribute licenses across their AWS accounts from a delegated account outside of the management account. Using delegated administrator, you can grant licenses from AWS Marketplace and Independent Software Vendors across your organization and benefit from the administrative capabilities previously afforded to the management account only.

Delegated Administrator provides you flexibility to separate license management activities from billing activities. You can configure AWS License Manager in your management account and select another AWS account as the delegated administrator. Once the delegated administrator account is configured, you can use this account to grant licenses to AWS Account IDs and Organizations ID, enable license auto acceptance, and activate licenses on behalf of the accounts in your organization. 

Managed entitlements allows AWS customers to more easily distribute entitlement access to their AWS accounts or organization for licenses granted from Independent Software Vendors and from AWS Marketplace supported product types such as AMIs, Containers, Machine Learning, and Data Exchange products. Visit the Managed entitlements feature page, and delegated administration documentation to learn more.