Posted On: Nov 23, 2021

AWS Amplify is launching a developer preview of its expanded Notifications category for JavaScript. Powered by Amazon Pinpoint, this expansion allows developers to instrument in-app messaging to drive engagement and monetization.

In-app messaging gives businesses the ability to personalize app experiences for their users by enabling contextual in-app messages and in-app content, such sending promotional alerts when the user opens an app. These messages nudge users to complete key in-app actions - like promoting an item, getting payment reminders, or discovering new app features. Developers can integrate the Amplify JavaScript library into their app and enable in-app messaging capabilities with just a few lines of code.

The Amplify JavaScript library makes it easy for developers to instrument the app and rely on marketers to create campaigns. Once a marketer has configured a marketing event in the AWS Pinpoint console, Amplify automatically maps UI designs built by marketers in the Pinpoint console to UI in the app, saving developers time from building out the UI. Amplify handles all the display validation logic of whether an in-app message should be displayed on the device or not.

Amplify also automatically hooks in to Pinpoint analytics events to trigger in-app message displays on events that occur in the app. For example, when customers are going to view their shopping cart Amplify can both record the event and display a relevant in-app message if applicable.