Posted On: Dec 8, 2021

The AWS Toolkit for VS Code now provides developers with convenient IDE functionality to connect to Amazon ECS containers and issue commands using Amazon ECS Exec. This allows VS Code users to directly interact with containers, such as running commands in or get a shell to an ECS container running on an Amazon EC2 instance or on AWS Fargate, without leaving their IDE. ECS Exec uses the AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Session Manager under the hood to establish a connection with the running container.

The AWS Toolkit makes it easy to access the ECS service from AWS Explorer UI. Then, running a command is as easy as choosing a remote container or service, and selecting ‘run command in container'. Review the Toolkit User Guide.

Install the AWS Toolkit for VS Code to start using the ECS Exec features from VS Code. To submit feature requests and report issues, visit our GitHub repo.