Posted On: Feb 28, 2022

Amazon FinSpace customers can now manage their Amazon FinSpace application users with the AWS SDK and CLI. Using these APIs, customers can integrate Amazon FinSpace into their identity management provisioning process to help Amazon FinSpace meet their organization’s access management rules. For example, when a user joins a quantitative research team that uses FinSpace, they can have a user account in FinSpace automatically created. Similarly, when a user leaves the customer’s organization or switches roles, they can be automatically deactivated in FinSpace as part of their organization-wide application entitlement workflows. This new feature adds to Amazon FinSpace’s existing single-sign-on capability to give customers more effective controls to manage access.

Amazon FinSpace is a fully managed analytics service for financial services customers that makes it easy for analysts to access and analyze data from multiple locations such as internal data stores like portfolio, actuarial, and risk management systems as well as petabytes of data from third-party data sources, such as historical securities prices from stock exchanges. With Amazon FinSpace, customers can store, catalog, and prepare data at scale, reducing the time it takes to gain insights from from months to minutes. The new APIs are available via the AWS SDK and CLI. To see more details on the Entitlements APIs, see the Amazon FinSpace Data API Reference. To get started with Amazon FinSpace, please see the AWS Amazon FinSpace product page and service documentation.