Posted On: Mar 28, 2022

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect now supports real-time streaming that helps businesses access Contact Lens analytics in real-time, eliminating the need to constantly make requests from existing Contact Lens API with rate limitations. The real-time streaming also offers additional data segments that consist of sentence-by-sentence transcripts for low latency requirements.

Businesses can now subscribe to four event types (started, segments, completed, failed) through real-time data streams to access the enriched analytics of Contact Lens in real-time. Additionally, the real-time data streams provides access to a new data segment called utterance that allows businesses to access partial transcripts, enabling businesses meet their low latency requirements to assist agents on live calls.

The Contact Lens real-time streaming is available for real-time analytics use cases only, and is supported in all AWS Regions where Contact Lens real-time is available. To get started, please visit our blog or help documentation to learn more.