Posted On: Mar 24, 2022

You can now configure your AWS Panorama application to receive inbound messages over the local area network, which you can use to start, stop, or adjust your AWS Panorama application. For example, you can run an ML model to visually detect paint defects when a vehicle crosses a gate on the production line. You can also use inbound messages to serve a web application accessible from another computer on the same network for human-in-the-loop review. Using human-in-the-loop review, line operators can review anomaly detections from the ML model to ensure accuracy and flag low-accuracy results for model retraining.

AWS Panorama is a machine learning appliance and software development kit (SDK) that brings computer vision (CV) to on-premises internet protocol (IP) cameras. With AWS Panorama, companies can use compute power at the edge (without streaming video to the cloud) to improve their operations, by automating visual inspection tasks like evaluating manufacturing quality, finding bottlenecks in industrial processes, and assessing worker safety within their facilities.

You can start building applications for AWS Panorama by checking out our sample apps, which covers how to receive inbound messages and host a local web GUI.

The AWS Panorama service is available in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Canada (Central), Europe (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Sydney and Singapore) region. The AWS Panorama Appliance is available for purchase on, Amazon Business and AWS Elemental in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and the European Union.

To learn more about AWS Panorama, visit the AWS Panorama product page.