Posted On: Apr 4, 2022

You can now use Amazon EKS, Amazon EKS Distro and Amazon EKS Anywhere to run Kubernetes version 1.22. Highlights of Kubernetes version 1.22 release includes external credential providers, server-side apply, and bound service account token volumes graduating to stable, and warning mechanisms for deprecated API usage. You can find more details about Kubernetes 1.22 release in the EKS blog post and in the Kubernetes project release notes.

Kubernetes 1.22 removes a number of deprecated beta APIs in favor of GA versions of those same APIs. You need to ensure your applications, add ons, manifests and clients are updated to use these GA APIs to prevent workloads from potentially failing after the upgrade is complete. For more information on the API removals, see the Kubernetes blog post. For action you may need to take before upgrading, see the steps in EKS documentation. All of the replacement APIs are available in earlier releases of Kubernetes versions, which means applications on Amazon EKS version 1.19 or later can begin using the updated APIs now.

You can learn more about the Kubernetes versions available on Amazon EKS and instructions to update your cluster to version 1.22 by visiting EKS documentation. Amazon EKS Distro builds of Kubernetes 1.22 are available through ECR Public Gallery and GitHub. Amazon EKS Anywhere downloads, documentation, and other resources are available here.