Posted On: Apr 13, 2022

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP now supports Single Availability Zone (AZ) deployments. Single-AZ file systems are designed for use cases that do not require the data resiliency model of a Multi-AZ file system, such as running development and test workloads, or storing secondary copies of data that is already stored on premises or in other AWS Regions. Single-AZ file systems provide a lower-cost storage option than Multi-AZ file systems for these use cases, while offering all the same data management capabilities and features.

Production workloads typically require high availability and durability across multiple AZs. FSx for ONTAP Multi-AZ file systems offer a simple solution for these workloads by providing storage with built-in replication across AZs. However, with some workloads you may already have another copy of your data stored elsewhere (e.g., disaster recovery from on premises to AWS or across AWS Regions), and you don’t need your Amazon FSx file system to also offer Multi-AZ resiliency. Non-production workloads such as development and testing also don’t always require high availability across AZs. Single-AZ file systems offer a cost-optimized solution for these use cases by only replicating data within an AZ. Like Multi-AZ file systems, Single-AZ file systems also offer automatic backups that are stored across multiple AZs for high durability.

You can create Single-AZ file systems in all Regions where Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is available. To learn more about this deployment option, please visit the FSx for NetApp ONTAP documentation, the FSx for NetApp ONTAP product page, and the AWS News Blog.