Posted On: Apr 19, 2022

Since our last update in January 2022, AWS CloudFormation Registry has expanded to include support for 35 new resource types (refer to the complete list below) between January and March 2022. A resource type includes schema (resource properties and handler permissions) and handlers that allow API interactions with the underlying AWS or third-party services. Customers can now configure, provision, and manage the lifecycle of these newly supported resources as part of their cloud infrastructure through CloudFormation, by treating them as infrastructure as code. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that 1 new AWS service - AWS Billing Conductor added CloudFormation support on the day of launch. CloudFormation now supports 170+ AWS services spanning over 900 resource types, along with over 40 third-party resource types.

Customers can now centrally discover the schema associated with these 35 new resource types on the CloudFormation Registry. With the addition of these resource types to the Registry, customers can also benefit from the resource import feature of CloudFormation. For example, if you create an AWS Billing Conductor Pricing Rule through the AWS Management Console or the Command Line Interface, you can bring that resource into CloudFormation’s management using the resource import feature.

For feedback on the resources for which you want CloudFormation support, please refer to the aws-cloudformation-coverage-roadmap.

Now you can configure, provision, and manage the following 35 resource types with CloudFormation.

  1. AWS::AppIntegrations::DataIntegration
  2. AWS::AppRunner::VpcConnector
  3. AWS::AppStream::ApplicationEntitlementAssociation
  4. AWS::AppStream::Entitlement
  5. AWS::BillingConductor::BillingGroup
  6. AWS::BillingConductor::CustomLineItem
  7. AWS::BillingConductor::PricingPlan
  8. AWS::BillingConductor::PricingRule
  9. AWS::CloudFormation::HookDefaultVersion
  10. AWS::CloudFormation::HookTypeConfig
  11. AWS::CloudFormation::HookVersion
  12. AWS::DataSync::LocationFSxLustre
  13. AWS::ECR::PullThroughCacheRule
  14. AWS::EKS::IdentityProviderConfig
  15. AWS::Forecast::Dataset
  16. AWS::Forecast::DatasetGroup
  17. AWS::InspectorV2::Filter
  18. AWS::IoT::JobTemplate
  19. AWS::IoTEvents::AlarmModel
  20. AWS::KafkaConnect::Connector
  21. AWS::Lightsail::Alarm
  22. AWS::Lightsail::Bucket
  23. AWS::Lightsail::Certificate
  24. AWS::Lightsail::Container
  25. AWS::Lightsail::Distribution
  26. AWS::Lightsail::LoadBalancer
  27. AWS::Lightsail::LoadBalancerTlsCertificate
  28. AWS::MSK::BatchScramSecret
  29. AWS::MSK::Configuration
  30. AWS::Personalize::Dataset
  31. AWS::Personalize::Dataset DatasetImportJob
  32. AWS::Personalize::DatasetGroup
  33. AWS::Personalize::Schema
  34. AWS::Personalize::Solution
  35. AWS::Personalize::Solution