Posted On: May 26, 2022

Amazon Lightsail now supports creating deployments for Lightsail container services using the container images on Amazon ECR private repositories. This launch will enable you to run containers with the simplified experience of Lightsail while utilizing the images you may already have in your private ECR repositories, thus enabling greater portability.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to create a trust relationship between your Lightsail container service and an Amazon ECR private repository in your AWS account, pick the container images and deploy them on your Lightsail container service, all without leaving the Lightsail console. There is no additional cost for using this feature on Lightsail. The usual cost for storing and using your images in Amazon ECR will apply. Lightsail already supports utilizing public images from sources like ECR public and DockerHub without having to link your private repositories and also the ability to upload container images directly to a container service at no extra cost.