Posted On: Jun 1, 2022

Today we are announcing the general availability of Geofences for Amplify Geo. Amplify Geo enables frontend developers to add location-aware features to their web applications. Developers looking to display geometric boundaries or Geofences on a map, can now implement a complete Geofence management solution in minutes using the cloud-connected UI widget and APIs from Amplify Geo, powered by Amazon Location Service. Geofences are geometric boundaries that can be drawn around places of interest or areas on a map.

With this release, developers can add an interactive Geofence management UI widget to view, create, and edit Geofences on a map. This UI widget is built on top of the popular MapLibre open-source library and developers can choose from the wide array of community-contributed plugins to further customize their Geofence UI components. Amplify Geo also provides developers with client APIs powered by Amazon Location Service to manage Geofences programmatically from their frontend web application. Developers can use the guided workflow in the Amplify Command Line Interface (CLI) to provision all the necessary cloud resources to create Geofences, or they can use existing Geofence resources.

Get started with Amplify Geo Geofences for JavaScript today!