Posted On: Jul 19, 2022

re:Post now expands the capability for experts community members to share technical guidance and knowledge beyond answering questions through the Articles feature. Using this feature, community members can share best practices, troubleshooting processes, and address customer needs around AWS technology in greater depth. The Articles feature is unlocked for community members who have achieved Rising Star status on re:Post or subject matter experts who built their reputation in the community based on their contributions and certifications. Every article published on re:Post contributes to the growth of AWS public knowledge, improving self-service guidance for all customers and helps accelerate their cloud journey.

The Articles feature allows customers to find technical guidance through longer-form community-generated content including supporting diagrams, How-To’s, and best practices to design, develop, and optimize AWS applications. Articles also give experts a place to document and address customer needs complementary to Q&As. re:Post customers can feel confident in the content provided in re:Post Articles because subject matter experts and authors are asked to review articles every six months to ensure freshness and accuracy. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback if they believe the article needs review. In addition, experts can document their knowledge and can point customers to best practices shared elsewhere on re:Post. Authors get reputation points for publishing articles and when they receive up-votes from community members. Authors can organize their articles within re:Post by tagging them to improve the ease of access. If you have a Rising Star status on re:Post, start writing articles now! All other members can unlock Rising Star status through community contributions or simply browse available articles today on re:Post.