Posted On: Aug 2, 2022

Today we added features to the AWS console to help users register their toll-free numbers. In an effort to curb spam SMS and calling, United States toll-free numbers now must be registered with carriers. A new workflow will now enable Amazon Pinpoint users to submit a toll-free number registration directly from the AWS console in a few easy steps.

Historically, US toll-free numbers have been available to purchase and use for SMS and voice with no registration required. To prevent spam and other types of abuse, United States mobile carriers now require all new and existing toll-free numbers to be registered, or carriers may block SMS messages sent from these numbers. Existing toll-free numbers must be registered by Sep 30, 2022. For new numbers, your toll-free number registration must be completed before you're able to send your first SMS or voice message. Using the new workflow, customers can submit their registration application to our carrier partners for validation.

This feature is available for all Pinpoint regions, and should be utilized by any customer sending SMS messages to toll-free numbers inside the United States.

For more information about the new workflow, please see the US toll-free number registration requirements and process in the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

Additionally, if customers have concerns about these changing requirements, they can open a ticket in the AWS Support Center.