Posted On: Oct 27, 2022

AWS Cloud Control API has expanded its availability to the AWS Middle East (UAE) Region. Cloud Control API is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) that is designed to make it easy for developers to manage their cloud infrastructure in a consistent manner and leverage the latest AWS capabilities faster. Using Cloud Control API, developers can manage the lifecycle of hundreds of AWS resources and over a dozen third-party resources with five consistent APIs instead of using distinct service-specific APIs. With Cloud Control API, AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners can automate how their solutions integrate with existing and future AWS features and services through a one-time integration, instead of spending weeks of custom development work as new resources become available. Terraform by HashiCorp, Pulumi, and Red Hat Ansible have integrated their solutions with AWS Cloud Control API.

Cloud Control API enable developers to create, read, update, delete, and list (CRUDL) AWS and third-party service resources with consistent APIs. Resources include schema (properties and handler permissions) and handlers that control API interactions with the underlying services. Using Cloud Control API, developers have a uniform method to manage supported services throughout their lifecycle, so there are fewer APIs to learn as developers add services to their infrastructure. For instance, developers can create supported cloud resources using Cloud Control API’s CreateResource API, be it an AWS Lambda function, an Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) cluster, or hundreds of other AWS resources along with over a dozen third-party solutions available on the AWS CloudFormation Registry spanning monitoring, databases, or security management resources. Developers can move faster by removing the need to author, maintain, and set up custom code across distinct service-specific APIs. Cloud Control API is up-to-date with the latest AWS resources once they are available on the CloudFormation Registry, enabling APN partners to integrate their own solutions with Cloud Control API just once, and then automatically access new AWS resources without additional integration work.

You can use the AWS CLI or AWS SDKs to get started with Cloud Control API. To learn more: