Posted On: Nov 18, 2022

AWS Transfer Family has successfully completed the Drummond Group pre-certification testing for its Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) managed file transfer capabilities. The pre-certification issued by Drummond Group verifies that the AWS Transfer Family AS2 capabilities have been thoroughly vetted for security and file exchange compatibility with two third-party AS2 solutions. Customers across verticals such as healthcare, retail, financial services, and others that use AWS Transfer Family AS2 endpoints can now have confidence in their ability to successfully exchange AS2 messages with other third-party solutions.

The successful completion of the pre-certification test also allows AWS Transfer Family to participate in the official Drummond certification test event in April 2023. This upcoming event will test the AWS Transfer Family AS2 capabilities against a larger cohort of vendors to undergo all certification requirements for Drummond Group’s AS2 Cloud Certification Seal.

AWS Transfer Family support for AS2 is available in all AWS Regions where the service is available. You can configure AS2 endpoints using the AWS Management Console, AWS Transfer Family API, or AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). To learn more, visit the AWS Transfer Family product page.