Posted On: Mar 8, 2023

Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition now supports authentication of database users using Microsoft Active Directory. You can use Active Directory to authenticate with Amazon Aurora using AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory or with your on-premise Active Directory by establishing a trusted domain relationship.

With support for Active Directory authentication in Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition, you have access to single sign-on and centralized authentication of database users. Single sign-on reduces the operational overhead of database user management across multiple authentication approaches and credentials. Moreover, a centralized authentication approach enables customers to leverage native Active Directory credential management capabilities to manage password complexities and rotation. This allows you to effectively keep pace with the myriad of compliance and security requirements across the globe and improve the security posture of your critical business assets.

Active Directory authentication is supported for Aurora MySQL version 3.03 (compatible with MySQL 8.0.26) and higher. To learn more about Active Directory authentication, please go to Aurora MySQL security.

Amazon Aurora is designed for unparalleled high performance and availability at global scale with full MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility. It provides built-in security, continuous backups, serverless compute, up to 15 read replicas, automated multi-Region replication, and integrations with other AWS services. To get started with Amazon Aurora, take a look at our Getting Started page.