Posted On: Apr 24, 2023

You can now add data overlays and text annotations in the AWS IoT TwinMaker Scene Composer. Data overlay and text annotations provide context in scenes like access to key performance metrics and sensor data, making it easier to navigate your twins and monitor your facilities with AWS IoT TwinMaker.

Data overlay allows you to add data overlay panels to existing tags in your scenes. The data overlay panel can show text descriptions of equipment, sensor metrics, hyperlink to specification sheet, and other data supported by markdown format. Dataoverlay consolidates information from different data panels in your dashboard so you can click on tags and review key performance metrics in the AWS IoT TwinMaker Scene Viewer. You can also open multiple data overlay panels to monitor different objects at the same time. In this way, data overlay helps you monitor operating facilities more efficiently.

Text annotation allows you to place text labels in your scenes and provide context through labels, descriptions, instructions and more. For example, you can display the name of a device on its 3D model, label the product name on its production line or describe a inspection checklist. Text annotation makes it easier to navigate, understand and investigate complex scenes.

Data overlays and text annotations are available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland) and AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region.

To learn more, visit the AWS IoT TwinMaker product page and AWS User Guide.