Posted On: May 24, 2023

Amazon Connect Contact Lens now provides a machine learning powered capability for businesses to help identify top contact drivers by grouping customer conversations into themes. This complements Contact Lens' existing automated contact categorization capabilities that businesses have been using to label contacts for tracking known issues across their contact centers. With theme detection, businesses can discover previously unknown or emerging contact themes from thousands of customer interactions. Businesses can also spot common reasons for customer outreach (e.g. “cancel reservation”, “delayed order”, etc.). They can then take appropriate actions to improve customer experience by expediting issue resolution, and improving IVR options, knowledge base articles, and agent training.

To discover the top themes, supervisors can use Amazon Connect’s contact search page to select a group of conversations with filters (e.g. date range, queues, etc.). Contact Lens applies machine learning to group contacts with similar issues and displays the resulting themes natively in Amazon Connect. By clicking on the generated themes, supervisors can view associated conversations, listen to specific recordings, and read transcripts for deeper analysis. 

Theme detection supports English language and is available in all the AWS Regions where Contact Lens is already available. To learn more, please visit our documentation and our webpage.