Posted On: Jun 6, 2023

AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces now supports path parameters in routes for Lambda and URL service endpoints. Refactor Spaces reduces the undifferentiated heavy lifting of building and operating the AWS infrastructure necessary for incremental refactoring, letting you focus on evolving your applications into microservices. With this launch, Refactor Spaces gives you greater control when creating route paths and subpaths making it easier to route traffic to different service endpoints based on the path parameters you use.

Using path parameters simplifies the design and creation of routes with flexibility and high granularity. For example, the path /users/{customerId}/projects/{projectId} uses {customerId} and {projectId} as parameters to create a single route which would have previously required 2 or more routes. For Lambda service endpoints the path parameters are also parsed for you and are included in the Lambda event object without needing to write code to parse parameters.

This new feature is available in all Regions Refactor Spaces is available. To get started with your first refactor environment, see these resources: