Amazon EventBridge Scheduler adds new API request metrics for improved observability

Posted on: May 30, 2024

Amazon EventBridge Scheduler now emits 12 new Amazon CloudWatch metrics allowing you to monitor API request rates for create, delete, get, list, and update API calls for Schedules and ScheduleGroups. You can now more effectively monitor your application’s performance when making calls to Scheduler’s APIs and proactively identify when you may need to increase your Scheduler service quotas.

EventBridge Scheduler allows you to create millions of scheduled events and tasks to run across more than 270 AWS services without provisioning or managing the underlying infrastructure. EventBridge Scheduler supports one time and recurring schedules that can be created using cron expressions, rate expressions, or specific times with support for time zones and daylight savings. Today’s expansion of Scheduler usage metrics helps you pinpoint potential bottlenecks before they appear, allowing for easy scaling of your applications.

Support for these additional Scheduler metrics is now available at no additional cost in all regions Scheduler is available.

Learn more by reading our documentation on monitoring Amazon EventBridge Scheduler with Amazon CloudWatch or go to the metrics page in the CloudWatch console to get started.