CodeCatalyst allows customers to use Amazon Q Developer to choose a blueprint

Posted on: Jun 18, 2024

Today, AWS announces the general availability of a new capability of Amazon Q Developer in Amazon CodeCatalyst. Customers can now use Amazon Q to help them pick the best blueprint for their needs when getting started with a new project or on an existing project. Before, customers had to read through the descriptions of available blueprints to try and pick the best match. Now customers can describe what they want to create and receive direct guidance about which blueprint to pick for their needs. Amazon Q will also create an issue in the project for each requirement that isn’t included in the resources created by the blueprint. Users can then customize their project by assigning those issues to developers to add that functionality. They can even choose to assign these issues to Amazon Q itself, which will then attempt to create code to solve the problem.

Customers can use blueprints to create projects in CodeCatalyst that include resources, such as a source repository with sample code, CI/CD workflows that build and test your code, and integrated issue tracking tools. Customers can now use Amazon Q to help them create projects or add functionality to existing projects with blueprints. If the space has custom blueprints, Amazon Q Developer will learn and include these in its recommendations. For more information, see the documentation or visit the Amazon CodeCatalyst website.

This capability is available in regions where CodeCatalyst and Amazon Bedrock are available. There is no change to pricing.