Amazon CodeCatalyst now supports source code repositories

Posted on: Jun 25, 2024

Amazon CodeCatalyst now supports the use of source code repositories hosted in in CodeCatalyst projects. This allows customers to use repositories with CodeCatalyst’s features such as its cloud IDE (Development Environments), Amazon Q feature development, and custom and public blueprints. Customers can also trigger CodeCatalyst workflows based on events in, view the status of CodeCatalyst workflows back in, and even block pull request merges based on the status of CodeCatalyst workflows.

Customers want the flexibility to use source code repositories hosted in, without the need to migrate to CodeCatalyst to use it functionality. Migration is a long process and customers want to evaluate CodeCatalyst and its capabilities using their own code repositories before they decide to migrate. Support for popular source code providers such as is the top customer ask for CodeCatalyst. Now customers can use the capabilities of CodeCatalyst without the need for migration of source code from

This capability is available in regions where CodeCatalyst is available. There is no change to pricing.

For more information, see the documentation or visit the Amazon CodeCatalyst website.