AWS Billing and Cost Management now provides Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0 (Preview)

Posted on: Jun 21, 2024

Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0 now enables customers to export their cost and usage data with the FOCUS 1.0 schema to Amazon S3. This feature is in preview. FOCUS is a new open-source cloud billing data specification that provides standardization to simplify cloud financial management across multiple sources. Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0 includes several AWS-specific columns, such as usage types and cost categories, and delivers exports on a daily basis to Amazon S3 as Parquet or CSV files.

With Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0, customers receive their costs in four standardized columns, ListCost, ContractedCost, BilledCost, and EffectiveCost. It provides a consistent treatment of discounts and amortization of Savings Plans and Reserved Instances. The standardized schema of FOCUS ensures each type of billing data appears in a consistent column with a common set of values, so data can be reliably referenced across sources.

Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0 is available in preview in the US East (N. Virginia) Region, but include cost and usage data covering all AWS Regions, except AWS GovCloud (US) Regions and AWS China (Beijing and Ningxia) Regions.

Learn more about AWS Data Exports for FOCUS 1.0 in the User Guide, product details page, and at the FOCUS open-source project webpage. Get started by visiting the Data Exports page in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console and creating an export of the “FOCUS 1.0 with AWS columns - preview” table.