AWS AppSync Documentation

Organizations choose to build APIs with GraphQL because it helps them develop applications faster, by giving front-end developers the ability to query multiple databases, microservices, and APIs with a single GraphQL endpoint.
AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that helps develop GraphQL APIs by handling the heavy lifting of securely connecting to data sources like AWS DynamoDB, Lambda, and more. AWS AppSync also helps add caches to improve performance, subscriptions to support real-time updates, and client-side data stores that keep off-line clients in sync. Once deployed, AWS AppSync scales your GraphQL API execution engine up and down to meet API request volumes.

Unified Data Access


Simplified Data Access and Querying. AWS AppSync uses GraphQL, a data language that supports client apps to fetch, change and subscribe to data from servers


Cache your data that doesn't change frequently. AWS AppSync’s server-side data caching capabilities reduce the need to directly access data sources by making data available in high speed in-memory managed caches. 

Offline data synchronization

Interact with and update your data, even when offline, with the Amplify DataStore. The Amplify DataStore is a queryable on-device DataStore for web, mobile and IoT developers that supports a local-first and familiar programming model to interact with data whether you’re online or offline.

Subscription filters

Support for real-time use case. With the subscriptions filtering capabilities available with AWS AppSync, you can create a range of experiences in your applications by leveraging filter operators, server-side filtering, and the ability to trigger subscription invalidations.

Pub/sub APIs

Get started without GraphQL. If you want an ephemeral API that receives messages published to a channel and delivers those messages to subscribed clients, you can set up your API using AWS AppSyncs PubSub API wizard.

Other Operations

Enterprise security and access to control

Controlling your data. AWS AppSync supports several levels of data access and authorization depending on the needs of an application. Access can be managed by a key and with AWS Identity and Access Management using Roles. 

Custom domain names

Use your own domain name to access a GraphQL endpoints. AWS AppSync supports customers to use custom domain names with their AWS AppSync API to access their GraphQl endpoint. 

Additional Information

For additional information about service controls, security features and functionalities, including, as applicable, information about storing, retrieving, modifying, restricting, and deleting data, please see This additional information does not form part of the Documentation for purposes of the AWS Customer Agreement available at, or other agreement between you and AWS governing your use of AWS’s services.